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Is Terry Wool Hot?

Terry wool only has 30% wool content and is not hot unless you plan to wear it to the beach or in sultry weather. It is an all-season fabric that is commonly used to make suits in. It is long-lasting and a classic. We source Terry wool fabrics from brands like Raymonds and Reid & Taylor Shop Now!
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Which fabric should I choose for hot/sultry weather?

Go for the summer suit fabric in the Rs.8,300 range or Milano fabric. You can find the fabric option on the product page when you are selecting your sizing options.

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Which fabric should I choose for Winter or cold weather?

Go for the woolen fabric options temperatures below 8 degrees. Go for Terry wool for temperatures about 22-24 degrees. The woolen fabric option is in the Rs.10,000 range. If you want a more expensive fabric option please send us a message on chat. However for temperatures below 20 degrees we do recommend layering your suit with an overcoat. Want to see the fabrics in person? Book Appointment

What is a Bespoke Suit and how is it different from Made-to-measure?

Made-to-measure suits are suits that are simply stitched to your measurements, as the name suggests. Bespoke suits are also made-to-measure but they are more sculpted and customised. The shoulder padding is manipulated by hand to sculpt around your shoulders to give you a desired look, the canvas is made of horse-hair and hand-tacked to give you a rolled-effect along with a generous lapel belly. A bespoke suit has many hand-made elements but one of the tell tale differences of a Bespoke Suit from a made-to-measure is a hand-basted fitting service, where a hand-tacked suit is draped on you to keep you in the loop for the final desired result. To know more about the luxurious hand-made techniques of Bespoke suitings, read our blog

What is a must-have classic fabric to get in a suit?

A Terry-wool suit is an absolute must-have in any gentlemen's closet. It is. long-lasting with great feel and texture and has been loved across generations. We have Bespoke Terry wool suits starting at Rs.10,000

What is the fabric like in the Rs.8300 range?

The Rs.8300 range fabric is a Polyester, Cotton and Rayon Mix. It is light-weight and great for summers. The cotton makes it summer-friendly while the Polyester gives it its smoothness. The Rayon gives it a matt look in the sun with a subtle shine during evening events. We have got great reviews for this suiting fabric, but some customers above the age of 45 have told us they find it thin. If you are looking for an old-school look it is better to opt for a woolen suit or a suit in Terry wool and Milano. If you are looking for a youthful business-casual look this is a great choice.

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What is Milano Fabric?

Milano or Milanese fabric is made front 2 sets of yarn knitted diagonally. This gives the fabric a very slight stretch, which isn't as much as you may find in T-shirts and sweaters.The face of the fabric has a vertical rib look to it and the back has a diagonal knit structure. Milano is a sophisticated fabric which is light-weight, drapey and with a smooth texture. a Milano suit really drapes around your body-type giving a slimming effect. We highly recommend it.

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Is a L'indien Suit Handmade?

L'indien suits follow old couture practices with more hand-made elements than what is found in regular made-to-measure. The craft is derived from Italy and France, but L'indien has its own signature styles. The handmade elements one can find in a L'indien suit are:

1) Hand-basted fitting
This traditional fitting process is where the hand-made elements of our suit begin. We first take your measurements and then cut all the pieces to your size and hold them together with partial stitches and hand-tacks. Then the user is made to wear an unfinished suit and we hand-bast the suit onto your body-frame so as to elaborately capture the details of your body shape and your preferred fit, details that are usually missed when we are just taking your measurements. The garment is draped on you, all problem areas are noted and then tucked into seams during the final stitching process
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2. The Lapel Canvas
The canvas is hand tacked in patterns so as to achieve a sophisticated curved roll. This is a hand-done process that is really worth the effort for the finished look. This gives memory to the canvas and finished look to the lapel
3. Pick-Stitching The edge of the lapel is hand-tacked with what is called a "pick-stitch". Many companies do this with a machine, we do this by hand. The beauty of a bespoke suit is thoughtful and organic design. Anytime you notice the pick stitching to be too neat, it isn't hand-made for you. We pride ourselves in a completely organic pick-stitch that isn't too perfect but is made with respect. You can also find the pick stitching on your sleeves 4. The Trouser Seams Are Hand-Hemmed
A clean look is achieved on your tailored trousers with hand-hemmed finishes and nothing less 5. The Sleeve Attachment or the Arm Hole
The armhole is hand-sewn to add freedom of movement. This feature is found in a select few suiting studios. 6. Surgeon-Cuffs A bespoke suit ideally must have a surgeon cuff. This is a type of a cuff on the suit that allows you to roll-up your sleeves. However a suit cannot be altered once this feature is added

All in all there are many hand-made elements to a L'indien Bespoke suit. Follow the blog to know more!

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What free items do I get with my suit?

These free items come with your suit!
1) A complementary tailored shirt
2) Waistcoat
3) A tie
4) A pocket-square

We hope you enjoy our complete suiting-up experience! Please note this offer is only valid for men's suits.

Leather Jackets

Can I wear Leather Jackets IN Hot/Cold Weather

Our leather jackets are light-weight and can be worn in hot weather upto 28 degrees. For leather jackets meant for cold weather or riding we recommend going for designs that have fur and hood attachments in them. We use heavy-weight leather for those along with warm materials on the inside like felt, suede, faux fur, etc.

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Does Streetap Make Real Leather Jackets Or Faux Leather Jackets?

We make only real leather jackets in Streetap as they last for more than 7 years and aren't made of plastic paint like faux leather jackets. We promote minimalistic buying culture at Streetap and believe leather gives you a great look and doesn't pollute the environment. We do not pre-buy leather and only purchase the material on order so as to reduce hoarding and bulk-buying. This means we buy and use only as much as the need dictates.
Our Leather jackets are made-to-measure and tailored to fit.

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Product Related

Which Products Can I get tailored to my size

We have a whole collection of products you can get tailored to your size.
Please click on and Shop Tailored wear products for both men and women
For men we tailor Suits, Leather Jackets, Shirts( Formal and casual), Trousers and Denim Jackets, Groomswear
You can choose any style and get it tailored to your exact measurements. You don't need to supply us with any fabrics. Enjoy an end-to-end fashion service. We offer free at-home measurements, we source the fabric, tailor it to your measurements and dispatch it in 4 days.

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Can I see the fabrics before getting my suit or other orders stitched?

Yes, you can choose out of several fabric samples and you can do so in person. This service is only available in Bangalore

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Which fashion items can I get delivered to me Instantly in 60 minutes?

This feature is only available in Bangalore for the time being.
For Women: Shop Instant Clothes and Shop Instant Accessories
For Men: View Items Here

What is the delivery time for men's suits?

Your suit is ready and dispatched on the 4th day after we received your order, measurements and payment.
In Bangalore you will receive your package on the 4th day, in other cities the courier takes an additional 2-4 working days. We use third-party express delivery for all our couriers and have delivery partners in Bangalore to take care of on-demand deliveries.

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How much time does women's tailored wear take to be delivered?

It takes 4-7 days to get women's tailored wear ready. It is delivered in one week in Bangalore, it takes 3-4 days for couriers in other cities in India.

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How much time does the courier take if I'm not in Bangalore?

2-4 working days delivery. We use reputed delivery services like DHL, Bluedart and Professional Couriers for product delivery and we only use express delivery so that your product reaches you on as soon as possible. Any change in the services of these couriers impacts our delivery time in other cities at the moment, but we are expanding soon!

Is Delivery Free In Bangalore?

Yes! Streetap offers free deliveries for all products in Bangalore. Get your product delivered in 60 minutes for free and avail free deliveries on your tailored wear orders by default. We also offer free pick-ups for any alterations you may need

Is there a delivery charge for 60 minute delivery?

No, 60 minute delivery is absolutely free of delivery charges in Bangalore. Be party ready instantly and on a budget!

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How much time does tailored wear take to reach me?

In Bangalore: 4 days
In other Indian Cities: 5-8 days (except Sunday)

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Can I give Streetap fabric for stitching a personalised design

Yes, Streetap can stitch customised designs from fabric that you may own. In Bangalore we offer door-step pick-ups. For other cities you will have to courier your fabrics to us after booking the service. We will get in touch with you via e-mail
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Does Streetap do blouse stitching?

Yes we stitch personalised blouses on request. You can send us your blouse fabric and get it stitched or you can order for us to source your fabric, stitch and deliver based on required design.

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Doorstep pickups are only available in Bangalore. If you are outside Bangalore, please book this service and we will get in touch with you with a courier address

Do I need to buy fabric for Streetap Orders

No. Streetap is a complete end-to-end service. Just order in any style you like, we source the fabric, stitch and deliver it to your doorstep in 4 days.


How does Streetap get measurements?

There are two ways we can get your measurements. One, you can book for an at-home measurement service where we will send a streetap tailor to your address to take your measurements. After this process your measurements will automatically be updated in your account's page - MY SIZE The second way we can get your measurement is that you go to the MY SIZE page in your account and add the label number and brand name of any of your well fitting shirts and trousers. From here we will be able to derive your body measurements

Streetap doesn't take responsibility for any measurements taken by the user himself/herself, but if you are getting your measurements done from outside, please ensure that you only provide body-measurements without any ease ( extra inches taken while measuring to give breathing space or for other reasons) Please ready out T&C regarding our measurement process

Can I book fitting sessions in my own time?

Yes, but keep in mind that your suit will only be delivered 4 days after Streetap receives your measurements.You can book the session here for any time convenient to you.

What is the gender of the person who will take my measurements?

For women's orders we send a woman to take the measurements. For menswear we have a men's tailor to take your measurements.

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Do you have a fittings store?

No, we do not have a fittings store at the moment. It is coming soon. Right now we take measurements at the user's residence and the fittings take place in the same place.

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Where are my measurements taken?

We take your measurements at the comfort of your home or any place convenient to you. Just add the address and time while booking here

How much time does it take for measurements?

It takes less than 15 minutes to do your measurements.
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What is the cost of booking for measurements?

Our at-home measurements service is free of charge.

Where do I add my measurements on the website?

You can easily add or change your measurements in your Accounts Page - MY SIZE Login to access this page.
If you don't know your measurements, book here for a free measuring service at home. An affiliated tailor or streetap representative will arrive at your earliest convenience to take your measurements. Afterwhich, your measurements will be automatically updated in your account

Does Streetap have Hand-basted fittings

Yes, Streetap has hand-basted fittings.You can book an appointment here if you'd like to opt for this feature. However hand-basted fittings add a day to the delivery time.

What do I do if I need alterations?

You can place an order here for us to pick-up your order for alterations. Alterations for a Streetap product are free. We do not offer alterations for products of other brands.

Please Note

Our FAQ page is to provide you an instant answer to you about common questions about our product and service. This page is written in a friendly manner and should not be considered to be the T&C. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully to understand how all processes work in Streetap