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Streetap is a first of its kind fashion service in the world. Our fastest delivery module being where we shine.  Ever stayed over at a friend's place and had to wear the same clothes to work? Or are you that groom who hasn't got his suit figured out one week before the big day? Well then Streetap is for you. We offer an array of readymade products that will be delivered to your doorstep in 60 minutes and all products are under Rs. 1000. This means that you can now order in a complete outfit in Rs. 2000 and be event ready for any setting. This service is currently available in Bangalore and we are expanding soon.

Our Tailored wear service holds true to the fast delivery time as well. We dispatch your customised three-piece Bespoke suit (which includes a free shirt, tie and pocket square) in just 4 days. This can also be dispatched in 2 days with added charges. This service is available all over India.

Apart from suits we tailor all kinds of womenswear and menswear products. All tailor-made products are dispatched in 4 days.

Our Founders

Streetap was founded by C.E.O. Sumedha Ramanan and cofounder, Akbar Mohommad. Sumedha Ramanan is a NIFT ALUMNI with over 7 years experience in e-commerce companies. Akbar is a BITS PILANI ALUMNI with over 12 years experience in the e-commerce industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a one of its kind end-to-end fashion service. We make this process seamless by sourcing the fabric for you, which is a key differentiating factor, providing an at home measurement service, constructing your garment to your customised requirements if any and delivering or dispatching the finished product.

Production and Manufacturing

While Streetap has many vendors in the tailor-made segment, Streetap firmly believes in uniformity in service, quality and construction. Suheb Ahmed, with an on-ground market and production experience of 10 years spearheads the production management. Streetap actively involves itself in teaching vendors the nuances of Italian couture and incorporating practices of bespoke construction in a country predominantly constructing British couture due to its colonial influence. Suheb also has a profound background in the leather industry and personally oversees the construction and cutting of leather garments on order.

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